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Preschool Selection


Finding the Right Preschool for Your Child

Many parents feel lost when it comes to finding the right preschool for their child. They may not know where to start in choosing from the various programs in their neighborhood or city (Private, Public, Cooperative, Part Day, Full Day, Religious Affiliated).

Parents may have no clue what terms like Waldorf, Montessori, Play Based, or Reggio-Emilia Inspired programs mean, nor what short term and long term influence these philosophies of early childhood education might have on their child's growth and development.

The applications themselves seem daunting ( I need to write an essay?), not to mention the entire admissions process, complete with deadlines, interviews and wait lists.

If you feel overwhelmed by the process of preschool selection, I can help! I will be your guide during this exciting and stressful transition by providing the following services:

  • Assessing your family's needs, values and educational goals
  • Assessing the temperament and learning style of your child
  • Providing information on different philosophies of Early Childhood Education
  • Providing school observation
  • Assisting with the application process

I have spent years working in preschool classrooms as an administrator, early childhood consultant and independent researcher. I have a great deal of knowledge about and passion for preschool! I know what to look for in a school, and I know how to match different children's temperaments and learning styles with different philosophies of Early Childhood Education.

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