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Social-Emotional Assessments

I provide comprehensive Social-Emotional Assessments for children that will help parents understand who their child is and how he is functioning socially and emotionally. If you are worried about a behavior exhibited by your child that is not getting better with time, if you feel that something may be wrong with your child but don't know what, if you want to know what you can do to support your child by getting a better understanding of their needs, or if you just want reassurance that your child is ok, my Social-Emotional Assessment is for you.

Grounded in knowledge about temperament, self-regulation, the impact of trauma and emotionally costly experiences, child development, and children's relationships, my Social-Emotional Assessment will help parents distinguish where their child's behaviors are stemming from and how to address them. At the end of the assessment process, I will make a recommendation for the next steps. This may include a referral to another professional, such as an occupational therapist, physical therapist, couples therapist, or a neuropsychologist, or a recommendation to work together on parenting strategies or for dyadic or play therapy.

The Social-Emotional Assessment is an excellent starting place for children and families who feel they need support but don't know where to start. For many families, the Social-Emotional Assessment ends up being a therapeutic intervention. Please call for more information about the Social-Emotional Assessment or assessment process.

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