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Teacher Workshops

Teacher workshops include a didactic component, in which they learn new information and skills, and a reflective component, in which they learn about themselves in relation to their work with co-workers and children. These workshops generally run 60 minutes The following is a non-inclusive list of teacher workshops. Workshops can be tailored to fit the needs specific to your centers.

  • Effective Teacher to Teacher Communication
  • Supporting Transitions
  • Managing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom
  • Team Building
  • Effective Teacher to Child Communication
Effective Teacher to Teacher Communication
So many things happen in one day at preschool. Important information does not get communicated from one teacher to the next about children, or critical center information does not reach all staff members in a timely way. This creates tension among staff and teachers who may already have strained relationships due to job stress or personality mismatches. This workshop will teach teachers how to communicate effectively with each other in a respectful way. It will allow teachers to reflect upon their own communication styles, and learn new skills they can carry forth into their work and home lives!
Supporting Transitions
This workshop focuses on the meaning of transitions for young children. It will look at the many transitions that occur in one day at preschool, and ways that teachers can support transitions for the children in their class (especially the children who struggle with them!).
Managing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom
Perhaps there is one child in the classroom who takes all the teacher's attention. Or maybe there are two or three children whose high energy levels infect the whole group, making it hard for the whole class to learn. This workshop will look at the reasons why some children exhibit disruptive behaviors, and how teachers can work together to support difficult children and manage their behaviors.
Team Building
The key to effective teaching is a collaboration among teachers. This is especially important among pairs of classroom teachers, who need to have each other's backs. In the absence of collaboration, chaos, stress, and burnout ensue. This workshop is intended to improve relationships among teachers and build teamwork within classrooms and center-wide.
Effective Teacher to Child Communication
The needs of young children can be overwhelming, especially when you have fourteen of them in your classroom! This workshop will provide an overview of children's social and emotional needs, and how teachers can support their blossoming development through conflict resolution, communication, and by example.

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